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يوليو 7, 2017
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Drama Activity


This competition is intended to foster good ethical, social and Christian values through the presentation of drama performances
In a form of plays only. The evaluation will take place at the Earth Festival

Local Competition Guidelines
The production must relate to the theme of Mahragan 2017, “Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine” and should be drawn from our Church spirit, values and traditions
The production must be in form short plays, no more than 10-14 actors per group per script including back stage, musical and singing individuals if needed
Scripts should not exceed, 7-8 pages and improvisation is considerable
The storyline should NOT be in the form of a sermon or a lesson, the script should have a clear message which has to relate to the Mahragan theme and if it’s telling a true story there should be no altering in the events being told
Complete running time should not exceed 15- 25 minutes according to the age group, marks will be taken away if exceeded the time frame
Technical support and back stage work to be rewarded as a part of the drama work

Evaluation Criteria for Short Plays and Anthologies
Blocking and Staging: actors and set are clearly visible at all times; stage space is fully used; movement is purposeful and well rehearsed – 15 points
Storyline: A story is presented with a clear beginning, middle and end, and a positive message related to this year’s theme
“Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine”. Topical Scenes
all scenes are NOT NARRATIVE (no through-line of characters) but are creatively linked to the chosen topic related to this year’s theme, movement, song, etc). – 10 points
Commitment: energy, focus, memorization, listening and reacting, engaging, team work. – 15 points
Voice: projection, clarity, emotional range, and expressiveness. – 15 points
Characterization: expressive, engaging and believable characters are created through movement, facial expression, and gestures. – 20 points
Production Elements & Technical support: thoughtful use of costume, props. – 15 points
Preparedness & Overall Production Value: evidence of preparation; performance is polished and professional; smooth execution; does not exceed the time limit. – 10 points

For further questions, you can reach out to your class team leader
Mid-School Girls: Lena Sarkies +971504200226
Mid-School Boys: Fadi Helmy +971501542699

High-School: Mirna +971507276467

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