Coptic Feasts of 1736 – Gregorian 2019/2020

Feast / Fastings Gregorian Calendar 2019/2020

Coptic Calendar 1736

Coptic New Year (Nayrouz Feast) 12 September 01 Tut
Commemoration of St. John the Baptist 13 September 02 Tut
The memorial of the appearance of the Holy Cross (3 days) 28 September 17 Tut
Commemoration of St. Stefan 5 October 24 Tut
The Annunciation of Zacharias the Priest with the Birth of John the Baptist 7 October 26 Tut
The appearance of the Holy Head of St. Mark the Evangelist and the Consecration of his Church 10 November 30 Babah
The Martyrdom of St. Mina the Wonder Worker 25 November 15 Hatur
The Beginning of the Fast of the Nativity 26 November 16 Hatur
The Entrance of St. Mary into the Temple at Jerusalem  13 December 3 Kiyak
The Feast of the Glorified Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Major Feast) 7/8 January 29 Kiyak
The Honorable Feast of Circumcision (Minor Feast) 15 January 06 Tubah
The Theophany Feast of Our Lord, Epiphany (Baptism of the Lord Christ) (Major Feast) 20 January 11 Tubah
The Feast of the Wedding at Cana of Galilee (Minor Feast) – The Martyrdom of St. Dimiana 22 January 13 Tubah
The Departure of the Virgin St. Mary, the Mother of God 30 January 21 Tubah
Jonah’s Fast (3 days) 10 February 02 Amshir
Jonah’s Passover 13 February 05 Amshir
Presentation of the Lord Christ to the Temple (Minor Feast) 16 February 08 Amshir
1st day of the Great Lent Fast 24 February 16 Amshir
The Departure of Pope Kyrellos VI, the 116th Pope of Alexandria 9 March 30 Amshir
Commemoration of the Appearance of the Honorable Cross 19 March 10 Baramhat
The Feast of the Glorious Annunciation (Major Feast) 7 April 29 Baramhat
Palm Sunday (Major Feast) 12 April 04 Baramudah
Covenant Thursday (Minor Feast) 16 April 08 Baramudah
Good Friday 17 April 09 Baramudah
Joyous Saturday 18 April 10 Baramudah
Resurrection (Major Feast) 19 April 11 Baramudah
2nd Day of the Resurrection 20 April 12 Baramudah
Thomas Sunday 26 April 18 Baramudah
The Martyrdom of St. George, Prince of the Martyrs 1 May 23 Baramudah
The Martyrdom of the Great St. Mark, the Apostle, the Evangelist of the Land of Egypt  8 May 30 Baramudah
The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of God 9 May 01 Bashans
Ascension (Major Feast) 28 May 20 Bashans
Pentecost 07 June 30 Bashans
The Commemoration of the Entrance of the Lord Christ into Egypt (Minor Feast) 01 June 24 Bashans
1st day of Apostles Fast 08 June 01 Baunah
The Martyrdom of Sts. Peter and Paul, the Apostles 12 July 05 Abib
The Martyrdom of St. Theodore of Shotep 27 July 20 Abib
1st day of St. Mary’s Fast 7 August 01 Mesra
The Feast of Transfiguration of Our Lord on Mount Tabor (Minor Feast) 19 August 13 Misra
The Revealing of the Assumption of the Body of the Pure Virgin St. Mary to Heaven 22 August 16 Misra
  • On the 29th of each Coptic month – except Tubah and Amshir – the commemoration of the three major feast (Annunciation, Nativity and Resurrection)
  • On the 21st of each Coptic month, the Coptic Church celebrates the Commemoration of Virgin St. Mary
  • On the 12th of each Coptic month, the Coptic Church celebrates the Commemoration of Archangel Mikhael
  • On the 13 Hatur, 22 Kiyak, 30 Baramhat, 13 Baunah and 26 Baunah, the Coptic Church celebrates the Commemoration of Archangel Gabriel
  • Litany of the Seeds and the Herbs from 10 Babah to 10 Tubah
  • Litany of the Air of Heaven and the Fruits from 11 Tubah to 11 Baunah
  • Litany of the Waters from 12 Baunah to 9 Babah