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Aghapi Service

“Aghabi” service provides good-tasting, healthy home-made meals at special prices for all people after the Holy Liturgy on Fridays and Saturdays, and during fasting periods to support singles and families.

Service Timings: Fridays and Saturdays after the Holy Liturgy

Anba Karas Service

The service of St. Karas’s family is based on the service of the Lord’s brothers in the various villages of Egypt where used clothes in good condition – and sometimes new clothes – are collected and shipped to Egypt. During the festive seasons, we buy and send new clothes. Children of Sunday schools participate in buying new clothes to establish the idea of giving and sharing through service. Donations are accepted daily.

Service Timings: Fridays after the Holy Liturgy

Bethlehem Service

Provide the Holy Bread to liturgies and Sunday school children.