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Art Activity


There are three main categories under which you can submit your work. If you are unsure of which category to submit under, reach out to your Class Team Leader

Paintings: This can include any type of media: dry / oil / acrylic / water-color, etc., on any suitable type of canvas: paper, or any type of flat surface

Photography: An artistic image captured by film or digital, printed on paper no smaller than 8×10 inches. Can include several
photographic images on a larger canvas, that together delivers a meaningful message

Handcraft: Any handmade item, including but not limited to: woodwork, sculptures, carving, mosaic, knitting, etc

You should express your interest in participating in the Art Activity by registering. This activity is only open for individual
submissions, and it should be your own-original work
You may participate in more than one category. However, you will only be awarded points for the best one
The art-work must be submitted with a Printed Summary Sheet that captures the following information
a. Your full name, and Grade
b. The name / title of your artwork
c. The Category to which it belongs
d. A presentation of your idea behind it / how it relates to the theme of: Take Heed for Yourself and the Doctrine
e. Make sure your ready to present at the Earth Festival
Your final art-work must be handed over physically to your Class Team Leader by 31st of August 2017

For further questions, you can reach out to your class team leader

Mid-School Girls: Nancy +971551623231
Mid-School Boys: George Kest +971528524130

High-School: Sara Kostandy ( +971505504722

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