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Research Activity


You can provide an individual submission, or work within a small group – maximum 4 people

The topic you choose for research must align with the theme of “Take Heed of Yourself and the Doctrines. ”The following have
been provided for guidance, but you can choose another topic which as a clear alignment to the theme

 A unique presentation of the life of a key historical or contemporary character, Ex: H.H. Pope Shenouda III, Pope Discorous the 25th, Archdeacon Habib Guirgis, Deaconesses in our church
Social media (generically or specifically ex. Facebook) and it’s relation to the theme
The challenges of the life of a teenager (and its relation to the theme). You could take one aspect such as life in school, power to say no, peer pressure, being a balanced character
The councils of the Orthodox Church and how it relates to the theme
The Orthodox Creed and how it relates to the theme

You should express your interest in participating in the Research by registering online (at the end of this page) at the latest by 15 July 2017. You can register later but you will lose points
If you are will be working as a group, you need to identify a team leader
You need to submit a hard-copy of your final research, as well as present it during the agreed presentation date
Your research must include at least 3 different resources, and include a bibliography at the end
The Research must be submitted with a Printed Summary Sheet that captures the following information
1. Your full name, and Grade
2. The title of your Research
3. Number of people in your group
4. Name of team leader – if applicable
• The date for presenting will be agreed separately with the Activity Team Leader
• The presentation must include how the work has been distributed among the team

1. Choose one of the topics shared that might be interesting to you
2. Identify at least 3 different resources – can be books, online publications
3. Develop a thesis statement, with 4-5 supporting ideas
4. Ensure you have a clear conclusion / way forward
5. Create a presentation (maximum 15 minutes) that presents your position on the topic. You can use any kind of presentation platform, example: Powerpoint, Prezi, FlipCharts, etc. However it should not exceed 15 minutes

For further questions, you can reach out to your class team leader
Mid-School Girls: Nancy +971551623231
Mid-School Boys: George Kest +971528524130

High-School: Sara Kostandy ( +971505504722

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