Saint Mina Coptic Orthodox Church - Dubai
Non-Educational Services

Non-Educational Services

Saint Mina Air Scouts Team (SMAST)

SMAST is a scout service which began at Saint Mina Church in 2009. Church kids can join SMAST from grade 4 all the way to grade 11. Through weekly scouts meetings, lectures, camps, and different activities, kids learn how to apply all their Christian values and teachings in a disciplined, fun, and interactive environment.

Choir Service

Saint Mina’s Choir was founded in early 2000 and includes graduates and above. The choir offers chanting services on church occasions, such as Christmas, the trail of the cross, and the hymns of Virgin Mary in her holy feast, in addition to other services in conjunction with church families, meetings, and other choirs.

St. Mercurius Sunday School Club Service

The club service has started ten years ago with the football field, then the service began to develop until the church club became the most appropriate recreational place for all family members due to its physical and mental activities, recreational and electronic games, and kids area. The club activities vary to suit all the family members, kids, youth and adults.

Anba Karas Service

The service of Anba Karas family is based on the service of the Lord’s brothers in the various villages of Egypt where used clothes in good condition – and sometimes new clothes – are collected and shipped to Egypt.   During the festive seasons, we buy and send new clothes.  Children of Sunday schools participate in buying new clothes to establish the idea of ​​giving and sharing through service.  Donations are accepted daily.

IT, Multimedia and Visual Aids Service

Support Sunday school and other educational ministries with audio visual tools and resources to assist servants in delivering lessons in an exciting and interactive way.

Also provides IT support to all educational and support services including online meetings, online education, church database, Facebook, and website management.

Service also supports in Live streaming and broadcasting of main church liturgies, important public meetings and events.

St. Paul Service for Transportation & Trips

St. Paul service organizes an annual trip to countries with religious and archaeological sites that help the participants apply the information they know from the Bible.  St. Paul’s family also provides regular transportation services for people who do not have transport to major church events. The buses pick up people from the main metro stations in the morning before the liturgy service begins and drop them back to the metro station after the Holy Liturgy is complete.   We also provide transport for various church services, such as scout camps, Sunday school trips, and conventions.

St. Luke Service for Physicians and Pharmacists

  • Providing a spiritual service for health sector workers.
  • Maintaining a good network among workers in the health sector.
  • Encouraging workers in the health sector to serve the church in their specialties.

Aghabi Service

Pope Kyrellos Service for Recruitment

Recruitment service assists church members looking for jobs in Dubai and those seeking technical advice on CV writing or job interviews. The recruitment service connects business owners or church members who have job opportunities in their workplace to potential candidates from church members. 

Bookshop Service

The bookshop offers a large collection of spiritual books:

  • Bibles, Agbeya, and Kholagi in Arabic and English
  • Interpretation and reflection books by His Holiness, Pope Shenouda, Fr Tadros Yacoub Malati, Fr David Lamei and others
  • Biographies of Saints and their Miracles
  • Children books (in Arabic and English)
  • Sermons, songs and religious films recordings
  • Frames, Posters, Statues, Pictures and Christian Gifts
  • Deacons’ tonya and baptism sets for children

St. Abanoub Service for Puppet Theatre

St. Abanoub service for Puppet Theatre is comprised of Sunday school servants serving groups spanning from Kg1 to grade 7 in addition to servants from other services who share the common goal of educating God’s children in an interesting and entertaining way. The plays that we perform are mainly for Christmas and Easter and span a variety of services that come together for these special days, some of which include: play writing, voiceover, directing, acting, editing in the church studio, backstage, decor, hand puppets, lights and sound, including even the basic organization of the day.